How did you meet him or her - your partner - HOW DID YOU MEET?

where did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend?
how long before you started dating?
what was your first date like and how was it organised?
where did you go?
where did you first meet?
what did you like most about them?
did you have sex on the first night?
how did you know it was right?


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  • The first time I met him was at school, he was this cute blonde haired boy who looked so lost and alone sitting at a computer looking at the log on screen. I went over and asked him if he wanted me to sign him in for him, and he just looked up and glared at me so I just walked off. ..
    2 years later I walk into a concert and see this really tall blonde guy and I was trying to guess his age (I thought he was 17) and and asked someone else to see if I was right... He was 14 it turned out. I walked over to go introduce myself and he said hi, I told him he was tall, kinda flirting with him and he ignored me after
    third time another 2 years later I was absolutely bawling my eyes out and he came over and hugged me, this adorable stranger I'd never met before. The next night he sat next to me and another girl on the right, and started sniffing me cause he could smell my shampoo XD
    We didn't start dating for a few weeks, I had no idea he even liked me but it was so obvious now when I think about it XD we've been together for a year and a half now
    I think the first date was a maccas date to be honest...
    I liked that he was cute and nice towards me, had a lot of respect for me and didn't push me to do anything, a year later was our first time
    Every thing at the time just felt right.

    • so you went up to him because he was cute and lost and alone or... ?

      sorry that sounds random but im trying to find myself at the moment and where im going and belong. purpose here and stuff. im pretty lonely and lost

    • To begin with he was cute and I was hurting a lot from a very very very bad first relationship and wanted to be in something healthy :)
      I had never felt as lonely as I had when I'd first met him I felt so hopeless!
      Although he was a contributing factor, my best friend was actually the one who pulled me through it all

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  • At school when his brother introduced him to me.
    A year and a half. I actually was with his best friend for 10 months in there. lol He had a girlfriend too. My ex actually use to tell me how much I looked like my (now) fiance's ex-girlfriend when we were together and they were together. .
    We've never been on a date come to think of it. We're just use to hanging out with his brother or his friend I a with and other friends.
    I liked his calmness. He's just chill about everything.
    No sex on the first night, he was just an acquaintance and had a long-time girlfriend
    He asked me to marry him and I didn't want to run for the hills.

    • was it weird for him that you dated his friend. ?

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    • once she is gone, haha, what makes you think she will go? not fitting in?

    • I don't know I've never met her. I just know my fiance as well as his brother and his fiance (the brothers are the very best friends my ex has) have been very reluctant to get to know her besides meeting her, and it isn't at my request.

  • Where: YouTube lol. She commented on my channel and after a month of talking we found out we lived close.

    Was about a month before dating... to be honest she asked me if I wanted to be with her and I said yes without thinking. But eventually I came to love her a lot, we were both 12 at this point, and we stayed together for 4 years. I loved her attitude and personality in general.

    • wow, thats so cool i guess everyone meets through social media these days now hey!

  • through a friend... at a party.

    • i here of this a lot nowdays

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    • not really angry more disappointed in a lot of people these days. attitudes and technology

    • learn to use them to your advantage... the technologies, not the people

  • I've known my boyfriend pretty much my whole life. We were best friends when we were little and then one day I got mad at him and kicked him in the balls. Then we didn't talk for like 5 years because he was scared of me, but I didn't realize how much I had missed him until we got to sixth grade. When we got to sixth grade we were in the same class and started talking again. We became really good friends and we both really liked each other without knowing. One night we were at a school dance and I was like im gonna ask him to dance Cuz what the hell what do I got to lose so I asked him and we danced. It was a little awkward at first but at least we knew each other pretty well. Anyways later that night he aske me out and I said yes. We are freshman in high school now, and have been together ever since then, almost three year. We've never had sex yet but I'm sure we will in the future because we plan on being together forever.❤️

  • We met on GAG. After a year we finally had our first date. We met at the airport and I was STARVING so we stopped at Taco Bell for a snack. Then to the hotel to drop off my stuff and I took advantage of him right there lol

    Everything about that day was perfect!!! I remember when I first saw him he couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't either. He didn't know if he should grab my bags or hug me. He was nervous, I was nervous but we couldn't both be so nervous so I just tried being cool and normal about it. After that first night together it was amazing. We woke up the next day and it felt like we had known each other our whole life.

    • wow that is a really cool and amazing story and i take it your still together yeah :) how long has it been now

    • Almost a year since our first kiss. It is the best experience honestly.

    • thats so cool. im going to try it now.

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  • My Gf Hannah i had known for sometime through Her big Sister Annabelle but initally just as friends as she was with someone who abusing her ( we did not know this at first) but after he and his friends gang raped her for their amsument and were arrested a few mnths later Annabelle asked me to spend time with her and Hannah to help rebuild her confidence in guys a little it worked slloooowly and well Hannah fell in love again this with someone that loves her. What did i love about Hannah? Well she's a delicate flower with a big bit of innocence and i love her personality sex with Hannah on date was a big no her therapist said that could take years me and knew we were right together because simply of the fact nethier of us wanted to be apart and Hannah told all her friends talks to her sister all about me all the time. Even 3 years on

    • i here a lot of people meeting through other people. and friends meeting through friends, i guess my problem is i dont have a lot of friends but maybe i should start making new friends and going out with there friends.

  • i found her on the internet, in some website... paid her... and...


  • I haven't. Got out of a near relationship just a few months ago when she abruptly cut contact with me when things were looking promising. No reason given, of course. It was just odd to say the least.

    • dont you hate when people shut you down or cut you out of there life without saying why. you can never work on yourself or improve when you dont know what or what you dont have that they want. or what you do that they dont like.

    • Yeah... major let down