Why do some men get married, when they still love their single life as well?

There is a guy at work who is married with kids, but he flirts with me all the time. He will even ask me to have private moments with him at work. I sometimes want to ask him why did you choose to get married, when you still want to be the single version of yourself as well. I just wonder what is the point of getting married, if you aren't ready to give up the single version of you?


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  • They probably had higher hopes for married life than they ended up having.

    They maybe had higher hopes for their own ability to reign it in then they ended up experiencing.

    They may have wanted to have a family and decided the trade off was necessary.


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  • I really don't think that's confined to guys.
    I want kids, 6 to be exact, and not necessarily with the same guy.
    I really don't see marriage for everyone.
    I'm not sure though.
    Open on thoughts here.

  • Men are not meant to be monogamous creatures. They are forced into it though societal pressures and shaming.

    He got married because it was what was expected of him. His flirting doesn't mean he loves his wife less. It is simply a biological animal instinct.

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