How to tell if this flirtatious girl likes me!?

Alright this girl I met a few months back from some of my friends and I recently started hanging out a lot and since we've been hanging out together she texts me like after work and asks how work was etc, just generally texts me and starts conversations all the time asking questions like "What did you do today?" etc.,.

She's been inviting me to hang out all the time. When we're together she flirts a lot but the thing is, she's a flirtatious outgoing girl so it's hard to tell if she likes me or not. I'd like to have some opinions from girls mostly because I'm really confused :(

She also has a lot of guy friends but I don't think she talks to them as much as she does me. Again, it's just really confusing and I'd like to get some opinions before I go for it and get burned.

Any & all advice is much appreciated!


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  • yo I m like in the exact situation as you dude!

    i also like this very flitious girl and I m very wooried about it too

    i started talking to her on the day she turned in a girlfriend with another guy. She alsoflirted crazy with me on that day so I m really conflused after they broke up, me and her got close and what to do now.

    anyways I start to ask her onto dates a lot so she is 100%sure that I like her. I also try to make my self special and differen from other guys. This s because she apparently dated a lot of guys so I wasafraid tat I was going to be like everyother boyfriend she had. However, she dated this not-so-handsome senior couple years ago. She never really forgot him. I really want my self to be like that guy.

    "what about bob, he does not have abs"

    "but... he's bob you know?"

    I realize I wrote a bunch of irrelevent crap but...

    anyways my point is, try to make yourself stand out. This will get to to differiciate which guy she wuld lke to stick around more. I dotn know, basically, get her to really like you before you ask her to be your girlfriend. Make something romantic or do something that she will never forget. Something that doesn't involve embarassing yourself however.

    good luck. hope I helped.

    • I just realized that it would be funny if we were talking about the same girl haha

    • Yeah that'd be funny if it was the same girl but the chances are so unlikely haha

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  • SHE LIKES YOU! I'M A GIRL AND I'M ABSOLUTLY POSITIVE ABOUT THIS! a girl would not text you that often for no reason if she didn't like you. eg., I don't text my normal guy friends asking how work was? also, she asks you to hangout ALL the time which is a clear indication because girls don't ask their normal guy friends to hang out all the time and even if they did, they would be hanging out with more than one of them. you also said that she tends to talk to you more than other guys which is the most obvious sign. it dosen't matter if she is flirtatious that is just her personality and peple often mistake her as a flirt because of it

    so trust me she likes please respond and offer to hang out if you like her back

    help me please. I would greatly appreciate that:)

  • well if a girl is paying any attention to a guy, and wondering what's he getting up too and wants to spend time with him then she definitely likes you. no confusion in that.


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  • If she brushes her hair, puts a hand over her breasts, scratches her wrist or elbow while looking at you. She is interested in you if you see a couple of those in a row (including more than one of the same thing). Then she is ready for you to kiss her.