How long should I keep trying for a second date before giving up?

How long do you usually try for a second date (with someone you are genuinely interested in) before giving up.

Well this girl is super busy with work, just got out of a relationship, she just wants a casual relationship right now nothing serious. I get that, I am in no rush. I wasn't dating anyone before this so if things don't work out I really haven't lost anything. But I knew her from HS, we have a lot in common, our first date was great, we had sex (I know this could just be her rebounding). My gut tells me to just relax and let things play out but I am anxious about getting the second date in soon.


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  • One call or text, that's it. If it went well she'll usually tell you she had a good time and can't wait to see you again. Then on next contact it's just a case of arranging it, if at that point her schedule doesn't match yours there's a possibility she's changed her mind so leave the ball in her court.


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  • it depends, if she bails or shuts you down twice then you can either throw in the towel or give it one last hail marry but dont attempt more than 3 times. at that point she knows what she wants.

  • If the girls really into u, u don't have to wait. She'll ask something like "so when am I seeing u again"
    If she's too shy she will give hints and clues, talkin about where she always wanted to go, or she's so glad she has so much free time this week or next

    I'd wait a week before asking for a 2nd date
    If she responds how busy she is or she really wants to but can't because of how busy she is without a counter specific day she has time

    I'd give up and move on