Can you really know if he likes you? Can you really trust yourself?

Just before I start let me tell you this: I don't have a big ego.
It's just... I've been wondering if what you feel is right. If you should trust your intuition. I always feel like a lot of guys like me because of a way they looked at me or because of some other things but I was wondering if it was my brain playing tricks on me. Have you ever just felt like some people like you even though you just see them at school or something? Or is it just me wanting to believe that they like me? I know my question isn't really clear but I'd really appreciate the help! 😕😯


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  • It's in your head, most school age boys want someone to poke and sexperiment on. So for them to genuinely like you will be far from normal.

    • Well I don't mean they genuinely like me since it's impossible because I don't know them :p more like they seem "interested" or attracted. And where I come from they joke about stuff like that but actually sleeping before marriage isn't really accepted so even if they are perverted they won't chase a girl for sex, they know it's probably never going to happen.