This guy knows I like him, what should I do?

There's this guy in my school (year above) who i haven't ever spoke to but my friends know i like him because i told them (i really regret it) and they just made it so obvious to him that i like him like tapping me and pointing to him. So anyway because i think he knows i like him most of the time when i walk past him he says something to his friends and looks at me. One time i was walking past him and his friends and he looked at me and said something to them, then as i walked past one said 'you should ask her out'. I don't even know if he likes me (probably not). Now i just feel so awkward I've never spoken to him, he never talked to me, i have no idea what to do now. I normally try to avoid him because I'm always so embarrassed, but i do like him.. What should i do?


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  • If his friend told him to ask you out, it probably means he told the friend that he likes you. I wouldn't be surprised if he likes you and is just being shy

    • Thanks for the reply. I think he just told his friends that im the girl that likes him or something. He's not a really shy person though, but he's never spoke to me. He hasn't really asked me anything about it.

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