New guy compares me to his ex's (in a good way), could this mean something?

I've been see a man for about a month now and we agreed to take things a little slow. I've been very vocal that I need some sort of commitment from him before we... consummate things and he's okay with that. I've noticed that when he mentions his exes he tells me about how much better I am then them (example, we smoked on one of our dates and he was very happy that I was able to get a buzz from it because his last girlfriend didn't). Every other conversation he is comparing me to one of them (He's older than me by 10 years so he's had a longer dating life than me). It's become a little off-putting since I've always been told not to mention exes too much in the beginning. I'm wondering now if see me as his girlfriend RIGHT NOW even if only in his mind.


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  • That is a huge turn off when a guy/girl compares their new SO/date to their ex. I find it a red flag if a guy always compares you to his ex (s) I don't care if it is a compliment or not. I feel like when a guy compares, his ex crossed his mind many times or he still has feelings for her.

    • Actually he's not talking about just one, he's talking about a few of them.

    • Yeah, that is pretty bad. If I was in your position, I would break up with him.

  • No lol that’s a HORRIBLE thing. That means that fore whatever reason, his ex’s are still on his mind.
    So is he truly valuing you because of the unique individual that you are or because you make him feel better about his ex’s? Warning sign. I’d stay away from him.