Did I get him off guard?

OK last year I had the great boyfriend ever, we had are problem and went are way's. I truly loved me, he said it all the time, even when we weren't dating,And he def showed it in his actions too. It hurt him big time when we broke up, I never got to tell him how I felt cause I kept it hidden, my actions should have said something but I don't know, anyways he we are a year later and I told him by email how I really felt about him how much I loved him, I never want to lose him, etc.. he did read it a few days ago but he hasn't said anything back. Is that normal? Did I get him off guard? I know how he felt so why now is he scared to say something. And I should also add he is in the Marine cor. He is over in Afag (whatever that place is called).


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  • While he is in the marine core he doesn't have access to a computer a lot. There isn't a lot of time for personal things, they are in war after all. Give it a couple of days. Also it's been a year, I'm sure he's moved on. He concluded it was over and decided to move on. Or he could be with someone and wants to phrase it correctly to not hurt you.

    Depending how you broke up, he might be thinking "what the hell" because why is this girl telling me how much she loves me and wants to be with me when she dumped me.

    When your in a army, you also suppress your emotions to a certain extent. Some people have a problem with shooting a kid because he's a terrorist. So you have to suppress emotions in order to get the job done.

    Just some possibilities. I say wait for a reply. IF you don't get on in 1-2 weeks message him again.

    • I should have been more clear on what I rote. me and him always talked after the break up, he was the one to start the convo's sometime me but he more, and yeah he doesn't have the time like he did to be on the comp. Anougher think I'm not getting is he wanted to be or stay friends with me after everything that happened, but the last girl he didn't he wanted nothing to do with her afterward's. (she is my cousin so I know that) And I do no he isn't dateing.

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    • If he still has feelings he'll want to be with you. You can't really break love unless you totally betray the other. How does he speak in the conversations, you should be able to pick up on slight words or phrases he uses to tell you he likes you.

      All you can do is wait for a reply. You told him how you feel, now he will probably tell you how he feels.

    • On some convos I have, but he also sends mix singles too. are convo are good usally just asking how are days are, and what we are doing ect.. never nothing sexual.

  • He's hurt. He's never coming back. Move on. Guy's don't play games. You broke his heart and hurt him bad.


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