I know he likes me but seems scared?

I date a man in 2013. Everything was going well til one day I invited him to dinner. He said we werent dating. I told him off. Months later I hear from him. Told him if he wants me it has to be for dating not just sex. He wasn't taking that at all.
Months later he contacts again.. him being very aware that i want more than sex. Plus i was dealing losing my place to live. He was still not fond of that. I left him be.
Once again months later... i have a new place new things going for myself. He contacts and says i want to see him. I said once again im not wanting just sex. So he was like ok and didn't hear from him til here recently.
He contacted on a dating site we are on. Once again im like this all you want is sex. Dont get me wrong I love sex but again i told him im looking for more. And asked why is he on this dating site if your just looking for sex. Finally says he is looking for anything.
So, i let him contact through fone before i agreed to see him. We were texting and i noticed some things..
We were talking about meeting up and such. He told me i can't see no one but him Which i was fine with doing. He bragged he the best. He said no talking and i told him that im a talker and he wasn't. Which he agreed...
But here's the kicker... he is very talktive all day long before seeing me. Than when he sees me he is kinda talktive more than myself. We got into a convo regarding something that mattered to me. And he jumped up so quick and was like wait whats going on with this matter? I explained and he was still curious about it. Than before he left i had my dog in bed. Before he could say may i see your dog i was like go ahead. He was lovable to my dog. He has done this before. Plus asked bout my previous dogs i use to have.

So, i want to know how do i get him to admit he likes me... always trying and all these things he does...
Help i know he is a good man but i want to make sure im the only eyes he has on.


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  • It sounds like he is really pursuing you hard, which makes me think that you are his only mission right now


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