Why do guys to to their friends about you?

I have a crush on this guy that talks to his friends about me. My crush always makes eye contact with me, whenever he passes by my class he'll look inside at me. He also says hi and my name and waves whenever we are near each other. Today I was walking and his friend said something to him and he started looking at me. He stared looking at me for a few seconds and then his attention to me while talking to his friend. I notice that every time my crush sees me he'll look at me for a long period of time. Also whenever his friend sees me they'll say something to him and then he'll look at me and talk to his friends at the same time.


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  • He likes you. Try making an actual conversation with him. Guys are nervous when it comes to girls. I've had a cush for 4 years on my best friend for 5 years, and in high school he did the same thing with his friends and when we started talking it was awesome but "Us" never came up. Finally after so long I kissed him one day well we were hanging out and we have been dating ever since. so do not be scared to make the first move, What ever that move may be. Good Luck! :)