Why won't he initiate conversation or text first?

So I just started messaging this guy this week and we've texted three times in the past week. The thing is though, is I've always started the conversations. He doesn't start any conversation, and I don't understand. I mean, when I text or snapchat him he responds pretty quickly and he keeps the conversation going. He's even asked me a bunch of personal questions and about relationships etc. He uses emoticons, and it's not just one word answers either. He told me yesterday that I honestly wasn't bothering him, because I made a joke about it. I don't know I feel like I'm annoying him because of me always texting first, but when we talk it's always flirting on both ends. Can someone explain to me why he's not texting first at all? Is he not interested? And if he's not interested then why is he flirting and asked for my snapchat last night?


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  • If it were me, the reason I wouldn't initiate would be down to not wanting to interrupt you in case you are doing something. He could also be a bit shy, or just not know how to start a new conversation. It has only been a week though, perhaps before you get too excited over it, see if you're still the only one to start the conversations in a months time, and whatever you do, don't stop messaging him to see if he will message you,

    • I'm interested in what you said because I'm also in this situation. Why should I not stop messaging to see if he starts a convo? I agree with you, but every girl friend I have tells me by no means text first, so I want to hear the guy perspective. Thanks!

    • If you have a good friendship with someone, don't stop it. If they never message you first because they're shy for example, if you don't message them, then you've thrown away that friendship. Hopefully in time your shy friend will come out of their shell, and will start initiating, but it takes time.

  • He does not care about you whatsoever. You are just an object for his entertainment.


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