Why do I not want a relationship?

I am so confused. I want to be free but I want them. I want to experience different guys but I feel I can only be committal. If we are together, you have my loyalty. But I can't date around if I'm just going with things.

I'm 30. I was married once upon a time. I never dated before... I missed the experience.

But would I have just accepted any date?

I want my next to be "the one," but I won't make a good choice if I don't have some relationships.

I'm just confused.

Been single over 2 years too.


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  • I think maybe you're setting your expectations too high. But I also think maybe it could be because you're 30 and your bio clock is ticking. You don't want to dick around in meaningless relationships, you want something that can genuinely lead to something- is that right?

    I don't think you don't want a relationship. I think you want one but you set your standard a little too high. My suggestion is to go out on lots of casual dates, you'll find one you like ;) if you pick and choose, pick and choose for that perfect guy you will have waited too long...

  • I don't date other women if I'm just messing around. That's the one thing that makes me think that I'm a good person. I won't and never will cheat. It sounds like you want to go from meeting to the alter. I'm that way too


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