Who would love me the real me?

I wonder will ever find a companion, date buddy, good friend or an actual MAN. I feel like I am the black Eliza, or I rather hurt myself before I hurt anyone else. I hate I mean HATE investing time into a individual and have to worry does this person feel or think the same about me? My issues or baggage make me feel ugly or like I never know what it's like to feel appreciated. I cater to my brother, nephew an my dog so much I feel lost an lonely even though I'm around them all the time. They don't underStand me or my pain. I just want something that worth my time that all I ask , cry, pray for.


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  • Yeah I know what you're talking about. The only way to really know how a person feels about you is cruelly, time. After time you'll be able to read his actions which always tell the truth


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  • I know how you feel but thinking about it does not make it better
    Try to focus on what makes you happy in life
    I don't know your particular situation or how long you hsve been single but talking about it with a counselor may help

  • You have issues and baggage. You should work on getting those in check before seeking a male companion.