Guys: Would you be turned off by a girl who isn't into children and doesn't want any?

I'm not good with kids, don't get me wrong they're safe in my care because I make sure they don't get hurt or anything but I'd rather not be around them. I definitely don't want any children of my own.

My parents say that a girl with no maternal instinct is odd and could be a turn off for guys. Is that true?

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  • No and I hated children too , they are so loud and annoying , unreasonable and often quite selfish but there's just this little something that makes me kinda happy when I get a kid to do what I want to do lol

    Was tutoring a few kids in English literature for a week , challenging work but when they finally got the hang of it.. I was so proud lol

    A sort of eaglet and eagle moment there

    Checked with him a few months ago... he said he wanted to study fucking philosophy and become a philosopher... well shit.

    • You'll change , usually but if not then I suppose it's not TOO MUCH of a turn off.
      Ever thought about doing some teaching?

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    • Well they are not suppose to be , if they are it's gonna be really weird , like the kid who's talking neo-liberalism to me whom a few years ago didn't even know who Aristotle is.
      But then again , I suppose we just have to learn the ways of nurturing.
      Ever had a plant or a pet of sort?

    • I have a dog but he isn't a normal dog, he's grumpy doesn't like being nurtured or cuddled and minds his own business most of the time

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  • For guys who don't want kids, that would be a plus for them but not necessarily a "turn on". There isn't anything really sexy about not wanting kids.

    "Man, the way she refuses to procreate just gets me SO hard!" - said no guy ever

    I personally want to be a father one day, so it would be a deal breaker if a girl didn't want to have kids.

  • To a guy that also doesn't want kids, that would be a huge turn on.

    Having kids is incredibly important to me, so I wouldn't even consider for second getting with a girl that doesn't want kids.

    • I know that a guy who really wants a family wouldn't go with me but I know guys who don't really have much of an opinion on it, like, they don't care whether they have a family or not. I feel like even with them me not being good with kids would be a turn off because it's weird.

    • Yeah, you're still young, so a lot of the guys that you're around haven't given much though to kids. As you get older, there won't be many guys in the "I don't really care if I have kids or not" category. It'll turn into a yes or a no.

  • It could be for some but not for all. For people who really care, If anything it's probably less of a turn off and more plane disappointing. But again, not to all guys

  • If you were my age, I'd ask you to marry me


What Girls Said 1

  • Am I lacking maternal instinct because I don't want kids? No, not true at all.

    Am I being responsible for recognizing I'd be a piss poor excuse of a mother and so choosing to never have kids? Yes, absolutely.

    • You'd be a good mom =]

    • I feel like I lack maternal instinct though because I seriously do not feel comfortable interacting with children

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