Kissing my Boyfriend... please Help I don't know what to do?

So my boyfriend has had his first kiss but I haven't... We have been together for 3 days and he tried to kiss my in the library at school when I had to go but I rejected the kiss because I was scared and didn't know what to do... I want to kiss him but I don't want to waste my first kiss and also if my mom found out I kissed him she would probably make me break up with him so I don't know what to do? I'm 13 by the way


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  • U r 13 n if u fancy ready than u can go for just a kiss.
    N don't worry first kiss is always something new n it can be not proper. .. so chill
    But remember kiss doesn't mean everything in love.
    If u really love him than can go for it.
    But according to ur age just wait...


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  • Don't worry. The first kisses are always like that. With everyone, believe me. He is probably so insecure and embarrassed as you. Just follow the moment, don't think too much about that and you'll see it will flow :)

    • U think... :) Even though he has already had his first kiss?

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    • Oh thanks :) Oh Yea and about the parent thing so if I do should I just not tell my parents till later?

    • You're welcome :) I think it is best to do so. If you want to tell them willingly later, you should only do this when dating this boy for a while

  • If you really like him then just go for it. But if you don't feel ready tell him. Remember relationships is all about communication

    • thanks What about my parents though? If I do should I just wait to tell them?

    • I would wait a bit because you need to remember your parents might get upset depending on what they allow. I would definitely tell my mom first then maybe my dad depending on how close you are. But if they don't mind just tell them.

    • They definitely would lol (Strcit when it comes to dating) But thx's I appreciate ur help

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