What does it mean when a guy says "She's totally my wife we just haven't met yet"?

I've been seeing this guy for 3 months, it's semi casual at this point but last I knew we weren't seeing other people. We're part of a hobby group that gets together for events once or twice a week. It's a large organization, so there are communities for it in every city. He added me to a brand new group chat today. We're in several together and he always adds me. The group was chatting about an event that will be happening in a different city. Involving 200+ people. Someone wrote that they vouched for him. My guy wrote "Why did you vouch for me? Not only did I used to live there but Sarah is totally my (name of hobby organization) wife. We just haven't met.". The other guy said," I don't know, they asked about you in their chat and I told them you're good to go.". My guy wrote " I'm totally going to divorce Sarah". She's not in our chat, she lives in the other city. Does it sound like he's openly interested in this other woman and doesn't care if I know it? It just seems odd to me. Why else would a guy say someone is totally their wife otherwise? All the other guy did was vouch for him that he's a legit member.


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  • He thinks she's hot.

    Whether or not he's actually interested her, your guess is as good as ours.

  • I hope he's joking it would be really weird if he wasn't.


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