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we met online, and hung out during the holidays. things went well and we continue to talk non stop, he works out of town and we won't see eachother for another month. we did discuss that since we are just meeting, that going on other dates will probably happen, but we would hang out again when we got the chance and see what happens, now he tells me he is meeting another chick next month, it sounds like she is going to him, but he still wants to hang out with me after, but if he starts to date this girl, then there would be conditions if we hung out... he's keeping me as an option correct? or just "dating"

thanks for everyones input, I'll put an update so I don't have to reply to each.. he is sucking up to me, snap chatting me, liking every single effing thing I post on fb, asking me to send him pictures so he can see how pretty i am, and like all this stuff, he's going overboard and it's confusing.


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  • There is one of two possibilities here:

    1) He is completely daft, but very honest, has no social skills, and told you about another girl.


    2) There is no other girl. He made it up because he's nuts about you and naively thinks that making up a story about another girl will make him appear more desirable.

    If he is really seeing another girl, ther is no inherent benefit to telling you. The relationship allows for it, right? So just do it and bring it up when its serious choosing time. By telling you, he risks a rival to drive the other girl away and he will not be able to properly compare his options, and not to mention it would come off as showing disengenuous feelings, like you were less important, and I wouldn't want you to feel that way because maybe you weren't and I was just comparing. No matter how you spin it, openly involving two females degrades your position with one or both. So you either don't have the sense to know (#1), or you are just jerking someone around (#2).

    • re: update. Looks like its #2 if he is showering you with that much attention :)

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  • Yes, it definitely sounds like he's keeping you as an option. You aren't in an exclusive, committed relationship, so technically that means you're free to date other people. I do have to say though, I admire his honesty for telling you about this other woman. He could have just seeing both of you until he committed to a relationship.

    Whatever happens, it comes down to what you want. Ask yourself these questions: How much do I like him? Am I willing to make this work? Am I okay with seeing other men and seeing him? Am I okay with him seeing other women at the same time?

    If you're not okay with the fact that he's seeing other women (make sure it's equal though, like you're not seeing other men), then you need to tell him that. Explain to him that you like him and you want to make a relationship work, but you want to be exclusive. And if he isn't okay with that, then that's okay. But you're going to be moving on now, thank you. All in all, it's best to discuss with him what you are and what you want. And remember, don't compromise yourself for him or anyone. Go with what feels right. Good luck!

  • He could have girls who are friends but if he starts dating ger then forget about him. You deserve better

  • Mmmm weird. I would say keep him as an option or date other people.

  • Mist men on dating sites are on fuck buddy sites too. He soundslike he just wants loads of sex.
    Get out of dodge quick!