What is your opinion on using a rating system to number people's attractiveness (e. g. "She's a 7 at best.")?

You hear a lot from people (mostly guys admittedly) about this rating system where some girls are 9's and some are 5's for example.

What I want to know is what do you think of these systems?

Are they nonsense because beauty is subjective, is there some truth in them because most people like vaguely similar things or is attraction absolute and some are simply better than others?

  • Ratings systems are nonsense. A person's attractiveness can't be quantified/numbered.
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  • Attraction doesn't really work that way. Each person's rating is different to every other person.
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  • There's some truth to it but it's WAY overdone. People can improve or disprove their ratings (e. g. by working out).
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  • Yes, I think it makes sense. A 10 is a 10 and a 3 is a 3.
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  • I find most people who use them tend to be obnoxious and offensive, and treat people like objects. As I've grown older and become a more decent human being, I've relied less and less on them. I don't really care about rating someone's appearance. I just ask myself if I find the person physically attractive, and if I find the person mentally attractive. It's not a fucking competition for who can date the "hottest" person.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't really like it, it just seems a little dehumanizing really.

    • Do girls do anything similar with guys? I mean, I'm sure you compare them but I'm curious how.

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    • So actions make the difference? Is it how they treat you or people in general?

    • I'd say a bit of both. Their values, personality, actions, likes/dislikes. I like to choose people based on a whole, rather than specific stats.

  • It's dumb... and quite shallow overall

  • I would feel the rating is different to every person especially when beauty is subjective.


What Guys Said 2

  • i do this often... shall i be ashamed? :-P

    • Yep. You're going to hell. :P

  • It's completely the person's opinion based on their personal taste. Unless, you have a manipulative friend that forces you into thinking they're a 10. However, they might not even be accurate because of makeup or a horrible personality that ruins the attractiveness.