Shy girl, keep hitting the wall?

I have been seeing this girl for at least a few months now. We have been texting/talking almost every night and I tried to make a move after a few dates and tried to give a goodbye kiss which didn't go well and pushed her away from me. But she kept contacting me in the meanwhile, sendings songs but was playing the hard girl when I asked her to go out. We finally ended up going to see a play a few days ago which went really fine, and after the show I opened up to her telling about my feelings. She went shy again and didn't say anything, didn't even looked at my face. We haven't talked since then but this is sad as I don't want to lose her. I have no idea what I should do.


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  • Just keep trying. They don't stay shy forever, just til she gets to know you better.
    Call her and have some short conversations, but maybe tell her before you call so she can prepare herself. Like text her that you're going to call her tonight around 8 or something.
    Keep up with messaging her and stuff to.

    • Thats what I have been doing for last few months but didn't help much. Maybe I should directly ask what she expects from me.

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    • Thanks you have been very helpful. Ok texted her in a kind way but still no reply. I will wait a few days but if she doesn't reply I guess I just give up? It will be a pity to lose her completely.

    • Yea if no response, just be a friend instead. Lots of these shy types prefer to be a guys friend and let romance build from friendship.
      You won't need to lose her completely if she says no really.

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  • You're mean to her

    • why that?

    • You pushed her away and that's mean

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  • She's not that into you. Otherwise you'd have more traction with her.

  • Well honestly if she keeps doing this either try to express her feelings and make her comfortable so she can do so as well or move on.

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