Girls, how soon is it appropriate/welcome for a guy to compliment your physical appearance?

I wouldn't want to do that too soon and have her think that I'm interested in her because of her body.

  • It's fine from the begging
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  • After you've been talking a few minutes
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  • After you've been on a date or two
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  • Once you know each other well / are bf and gf.
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Can any girls give their opinion?


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  • My personal philosophy is to almost never complement people on the shape of their body. Or even mention it. 99% of what girls hear from guys is commentary on their appearance, so you make a big impression by NOT being that guy. Complement her on anything you want, EXCEPT her appearance. Double points for asking her questions about her interests and listening instead.

    • I'm not sure if they expect it at some stage though, I've never given someone a compliment based on their body before, I thought it might be something they expect if not want eventually.

    • Do things that aren't expected. Standing out from the crowd is a good thing.

      That said, when you're in a serious relationship, it's perfectly fine to throw out the occasional complement about physical appearance. I just prefer to focus more on the mind.

    • Yes u made a good point Amagi82

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  • I think the way you word it has a huge significance. So don't come off as rude or pervy. Maybe a "you look really pretty today" or "I really like your hair like that" opposed to "your ass look good in them jeans" or my personal favourite "those pants look nice, I wonder what's underneath them"

    Just think before you say lol

    • So when would it be appropriate to tell her she's looking good/pretty? After you've known her while?

    • I voted for B.. It really depends on how well you get along with this other girl. Have a talk, make her laugh, keep chatting, if you guys end up talking for an hour, slip a comment in..

  • I wouldn't mind from the start ^^ it's spontaneous and confident ! that's sexy !

  • It's fine asking as its not pervy.

  • I voted C. Girls have a lot of guys giving them compliments, so like that guys said, you want to seem different and stand out from the rest. It also makes us think that you care more about us as a whole person rather than just our looks. It should be obvious anyway by the fact that you're dating her and by the way you look at her, but it still keeps her guessing for a little bit. Once you've been on a couple of dates and then tell her, she'll think that you must really mean it and that it goes beyond looks because you've gotten to know her.

  • As long as it's polite, and not about my ass, I'm fine with compliments after a few minutes of talking. I'm only bothered about that sort of thing when a guy is being rude.

    • Okay, thanks for answering.

      Would you be bothered if a guy you were dating never complimented you (on your body)?

    • I'm not sure. I'd like to know that he finds me attractive, so I do like compliments (especially once we've dated for a while). But if he never mentions liking my body... I'd probably be a little bothered. Not like, mad at him. I'd just wonder if he's not physically attracted.

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