Should I buy tickets to either concert?

So I met a guy recently, and we've hung out almost every other day since. I recently found two tickets to bands I like that happen to be two of his favorite bands and are near by this weekend (same day same time). I can get the tickets on sale. Should I buy the tickets and take him to a concert?

  • Ask him if he's free first
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  • Ask him which band he likes more first
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  • Go with the cheaper ticket
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  • Don't get the tickets
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I live in the middle of nowhere, the thing is that the concernt is ~4 hours away.


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  • There isn't really a wrong answer here. I would say yes in any of the circumstances as long as I didn't have plans. So I say either buy the tickets for your favorite of the 2 bands and ask him if he wants to join you. If he says no, you can still bring a friend and have a great time.

    If it makes no difference to you, ask if he's free and which of the 2 bands he would rather see and decide together.

    To me, if a girl bought tickets or asked me out on a date to see one of my favorite bands, it would show that she listened to me and cares about the things I enjoy. It'd be an easy yes, and if he's uncomfortable with the "date" etiquette, then you can always go as just friends.


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  • I would ask him if he's free first and if he is, ask him to hang out that day and on that day, surprise him! lol