Is this girl interested or not?

We just started texting last week, it was a mix of intellectual getting to know each other, flirting kind of texting. One day she didn't respond, so I texted her again the next day and she apologised, said she gets really busy. I decided to back off after that. Its been 5 days and she hasn't contacted me. Am I worrying for nothing? She has yet to text me first


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  • I used to text with a guy for a long time because he lives 6h away from me so we never had time to see each other but sometimes I wouldn't reply to him not because I was busy or forgot whatever I just didn't feel like i had to. Don't get me wrong I like him a lot but our conversations where quite boring so I didn't see the point in texting everyday so just text her few times a week and be interesting. If that doesn't work just talk to her about it or leave it as it is.


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  • She's texting more than one guy. You have to wait your turn. If she keeps blowing you off, then forget about her.