Girl of my dreams! How to convince her the past doesn't matter?

So my brother used to date this girl, I didn't think much about her other then she was hot. My brother dumped her about 2 years ago and she would still come over when we threw parties. Over the last year we became friends and a couple days ago we hooked up 5 times and she stayed the night. Now she lives about 7 hours away from me, but I was there on business. Regardless of the circumstances, during the entire time we were cuddling, kissing, talking about why we liked the other. Then over the past couple days it dawned on me, this girl is the perfect girl. She literally passes every check on my checklist I've made based on what I did and didn't like of my past girls. So last night, she texts me and aska if we are exclusive. So I tell her I would like to be. Then when I ask her how she felt about that, she said that if she hadn't dated my brother or we lived so far away she would date me. Now the distance isn't the issue, I work from home so I can move wherever easily. I don't have any ties anywhere. But how do I convince her that if she likes me she shouldn't let the past affect her future. I honestly believe that I could make her happy but I don't know how to convince her to look beyond the past. Please help.


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  • Just be honest with her and tell her how much you like her - not too OTT to scare her off - but just say you think she's amazing and you'd really like to at least give it a shot. Say you understand that she might be worried about the past, but tell her it doesn't bother you. When she knows that you're not bothered by it, she might start questioning whether it really bothers her that much. And I'm sure she'll agree to giving things a go :)


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