Am I overreacting with this girl?

I first started texting this girl last week a few times and she responded pretty well. We were exchanging flirty texts and asking each other questions. One day she didn't respond and text her the following day. She said she gets really busy (studies and works), and she apologised. I decided to back off from then, It's been 5 days now. Should I keep backing off until she contacts me?


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  • In my opinion, yes. What's your reason backing off though?

    • Well she told m she gets really busy sometimes, and seeing as we were texting for 3 days last week, i thought I would just back off abit. Smart move?

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    • Its only been texting so far we've only started last week. I guess I am abit overreacting?

    • Not really, it might be necessary. Just text her when you feel is the right time like nothing happened

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  • nah, keep it calm. send her a text. if she responds then just chat, but somehow make sure that she isn't gonna leave in like 5 mins.

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