Textlationship? WTF?

I met a guy at a meeting. He reached out via e-mail following up, and included his cell number. I texted him, and our conversation couldn't be better. We have been texting from morning to night for two weeks (every single effing day). He says things like "let me know when you're in the area" "let's catch up over drinks when you're nearby"... I told him that I go into the city often and that it's not far. Why doesn't he ask me out officially? He can tell I'm interested. He's not a college/HS guy either... He's in his late twenties. He's smart and successful. Am I wasting time? I'm already turned off. I don't want to abruptly stop texting back but I also don't want to be like "why aren't you asking me out Dumb dumb"


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  • What, why are you expecting him to ask you out so soon? He's only met you once and the rest was text conversations.

    He wants to get to know you, talk to you in person and do activities with you before asking. For me I always thought it was texting -> meeting/dates -> ask

  • Probably shy lol.


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