This girl wants my boyfriend, who I am dating long distance, and I don't know what to do?

My boyfriend and I were in a relationship for a year and a half before we broke up, we both still communicated throughout the five months we weren't together and I moved to another state for college. We both kept telling each other how much we loved each other and how we wanted to get back together (I waited five months to reunite for personal reasons), however in this time he met some girl and for a month had a fling with her. I can't be mad at him, because we weren't together at the time and he felt like he needed to move on (since he didn't think we would get bac together).

However in the one month they had this fling (she never became his gf) I found out this bitch is psycho, she told him she loves him and manipulated him by telling her "personal" things about herself (which I think bits and pieces are made up, and so do many others who have heard this story) anyways we are back together, he told her this, but when I went back to school for spring she suddenly popped out of nowhere and has been trying to weasel her way into his life again. This bitch is seriously manipulative and psycho, everyone can see it but my bf. I'm concerned she's going to try and feed him another sob story to win him back.

My bf is not a cheater, and is pretty upfront with me, he tells me pretty much everything, including when they hang out. I want this girl to leave me and my relationship alone! Everything is perfect except for her. How do I get her out of his life? I have never met her and nor plan to by the way.

I should also preface that she is friends with all his friends, so if they go out in a group she will more then likely be there. I don't mind the whole big group thing as much, as I do the one on one, but I also don't want to come off as controlling but it really bothers me!


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  • If your boyfriend is truly faithful you've nothing to fear. Have faith in him instead of trying to control from afar though I imagine your frustration.


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  • Tell your boyfriend how you feel about it and why. Don't be emotional about it though and don't call her names. All that's left is to see what your bf does if he's as faithful as you think then you have nothing to worry about. Be careful though because everyone is capable of cheating it's just a matter of if they decide to or not.

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