Why would a guy respond in regard to your gift a long time later?

I sent my crush a Christmas gift and only got a response one month later. He wrote a nice thank you note but said he "totally forgot" which seems a bit odd to me since he pretty much replied exactly one month from my gift arrived (as if he set himself a reminder to reply to me later)

Not trying to over analyze this, but perhaps I am just slightedly disappointed by his "forgetfulness" and wondered if he was doing it intentionally to distance himself a bit


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  • Uh maybe he forgot? And you are over thinking it. If he had a crush on you there would be signs and this is not a sign.

    • I'm not reading into signs, but why would it make sense for him to just forget for one month?

    • You are over analyzing it just happened to land on a month unless there is something else then this is just a coincidence that it landed on a month.

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