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So I like this girl. She goes to school 2 hours away but is coming home this weekend. I only see her once a week and know of her but not good. Anyway there is this concert this weekend and I wanted to ask her. But the issue is I won't see her at church do to have to work that morning. World it be ok to send a message asking to go to dinner and this concert since I won't see her in person?


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  • Yes, ask her by message. However you message her, you should explain clearly that you were not able to invite her to the concert and dinner in person. Your invitation will please and flatter her whatever response she gives. If she responds that she cannot make it on that day, you will have the option to invite her to another such affair again in the future.

    • Thanks. I know you need to in person so hopefully she will understand the situation. Thanks for the reply

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