Approaching a guy in college class?

I am a 20 year old female university student. I have never been in a relationship/haven't dated much. I have guys that are interested in me but I'm always to shy to admit my attraction and such. This semester, there is a guy in 2 of my classes that I'm really attracted to. He sits next to me/near me almost every class. I'm wondering how I can start a conversation with him without being overly obvious/desperate. So girls, how have you approached guys in your classes in the past? And guys, how would you like a girl to approach you? We are the same major, if that helps.

Thank you!

Wow, nobody? :(


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  • If you are in the same major feign needing help in one of the classes. If you can manage to set a study date general conversation will flow on it's own. If not then nothing's lost and no one is the wiser or at least has evidence of desperation.

  • lol, last time I tried this, the girl I met, not only blocked me on FB, she left the class. Turns out we had the same friend group, just went to a different school. She met them a diff. way, I met her through school. I didn't realize she had a boyfriend. I just thought she was attractive. Like I said, be careful with how you approach this


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