When to ask a real date?

recently, i asked my crush for a date, but she thought it might be awkward just 2 of us so she brought friends and it happened yesterday. my intention was clear and i think she knows it, and i was kind of disappointed. i didn't get to sit beside her, or anywhere near her, but she tend to gaze me and i tend to glance it because i am shy. when they had to leave, she sort of wanted to stay but since she was with her friends, she had no choice but to leave with them, but she gave me a small chocolate bar. i was kind of happy when she gave me. the hangout was my chance, but i kinda blew it :\ but i still wanna keep going on. so when should i ask her for a real date?

p. s. she thinks im mysterious and cute (yay for me) and she is a really serious girl, and i describe her as Ms. independent. it is really hard to guess for me. :\ i dont really text her because i dont want to be known as clingy but i chat and talk with her like for 2 - 3 times in a week, and normally, we talk long.

  • ask her to a date NOW
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  • get to know her more, then ask her (next week)
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  • still a long way... be around her more (not yet at dating stage)
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update!!! this week was a busy week for me and for her. i took every chance to talk to her but, i would like to ask her out next week. but, every time when i go up to her, she sort of avoid eye contact, but still, talk to me normally. and one time, actually, i pretend that i was looking the other way, then looked at her when she was looking at me, then she looks away... maybe she is shy i suppose?

since i am an overthinker, i tend to think negatively, but is she avoiding me in anyway?


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  • you should ask to "hang out" just the two of you. less pressure than a date.

    • thanks for your opinion! well, i at least want to be on the dating stage, before Valentine's, cuz i have a great surprise for her ;)

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  • Calm down there mate! Don't rush things, take a breath of fresh air, and realise that these things take time. You did good with the social group. Do that a couple more times, and when you've actually been successful in sitting next to her, then you can start thinking about asking her on a one-to-one date. Still, then you should only do it when you're talking more, know more about each other and actually have a bit of a rapport going on.

    • thanks for the reply!! well, to update, her friends kinda know so i assume that they support me :) but there's a backfire tho... just recently, i realized that she likes one of my best friend, but he doesn't like her back. they are going all friendly and stuff, but it kinda disturbs me. good thing tho that my friend has 0 interests on her and he is trying to avoid her. so, sir, what do you think? :|

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    • additionally, she is a very attractive woman, that i hear a lot of guys chase her. well, one of them is obviously me :) tehee

    • There'll be a Valentine's next year.

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