If someone you like parent dies do you talk about it?

I've been talking to this girl and went out with her a few months ago but we stopped going out because she was busy a lot. Anyway her Dad died and I told her Im sorry for her loss and she disappeared for like a month.

Now I asked how she is doing but I dont know what is ok to say. Do I ask about the funeral etc? I wouldn't want to talk about my parents funeral. I can make her laugh but I dont know how she feels right now, to me it seems like there's an aura of sadness around her. she's willing to talk to me, I want to be kind and supportive but I dont want her to think sad thoughts.

What should I say?


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  • I myself lost my dad, though I was young when it happened. I think it's okay to talk about it, sometimes it helps to get it out of your system. Sometimes it feels good to remember those good memories about them. It is hard especially if she was close to her dad. I wouldn't go hey how did the funeral go, because that in itself is a whole nother thing. But you could ask how she is doing, and ask what her dad was like if you didn't know him personally, if you did try sharing memories. It can be sad, but it sometimes feels really good to remember them.


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  • Yes , because the best thing you should do is remind them that their fucking parents died , even a socially awkward spaz like me know that's a bad idea.

  • Yes and no. You offer them the opportunity. You do not pursue it.