Why did she escalate only to suddenly drop me because of my face? What does that mean?

I messaged this girl on a dating website whose profile I thought truly stood out in terms of my desired partner. Her pics her decent too. We chatted for an hour, and then she asked me for my kik and Skype, which I gave without hesitation. She asked me for my pics, so I gave them. Our conversation continued, and she sent me her nudes (I didn't request them), and she was emphasizing how sex is extremely important to her. We had a great chat for another 2 hours, laughing throughout but had to say goodnight as it was 2am. She even wanted to go skinny dipping with me the next day!
The next day I messaged her a few times during the day. She ignored them all, then texted me at night saying that she doesn't feel a spark when she looks at my face and that's extremely important to her so she has changed her mind about me.
I tried to convince her that she hasn't seen me in person and that we get along sooooo well.

I was like.. what just happened? Why did she give me her nudes and talk about sex with me if she doesn't like my face?
What's the psychology behind this? Anyone?


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  • Well no offense but be seems loose and shallow. I wouldn't worry about it boss go find someone worth the time


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