Would you date a metal guy with a soft side? One who knows how to treat a lady?

As it sounds. I want a lady who either likes metal or metal heads and tired of all the bs dating sites and never finding people with like minds.


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  • I dated a punk for a year. Four years older than me. He took me to concerts all over california. inspired me to gain some appreciation to different genres of music. I was in love. He was too.

    But he cheated so many times. I figured that he was just an emotionally damaged asshole who wanted me to feel like shit; because his ex made him feel that way.

    Now we're barely friends

  • I don't care about what kind of music my partner listens to. Sure, it would be nice if he enjoyed the same music I do, but hey -that's what headphones are for. I would definitely not -not date someone just because he likes metal if he is a nice guy. That's just stupid, and rude.


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