Why are things like this? Is he not interested in me anymore or could he be cheatinf?

My bf and I have been dating for over a year. We have lived together our whole relationship basically. As he is the one who asked me to move in. Ever since around our 1 year anniversary things seemed to decrease. And it just seems like it keeps decreasing. We use to have sex everday bit now it's like once a week. We don't cuddle as much either. When he use to ask for me to cuddle if I wasn't already doing so. But now I have to do it otherwise it just doesn't happen. But there is a few times he has done it first. We don't kiss as much either. Like usually in the morning n before bed. We do fight a lot basically due to me not trusting him. I have had bad relationships in the past with jerks. But my bf sometimes makes me wonder cuz he gets turned on easily. Which I feel like he gets turned on more by tv shows if they have girls in them with their clothes off or etc. One night he was drunk n he grabbed my ass but he never got hard. Then when he sees this naked chick on TV he gets hard right away. Which I know can be normal but it just seems like he doesn't get Hard over me anymore. He also gets hard over other girls which only makes me insecure. He treats me like shit which I don't know why I'm even still with him. But something is making me stay with him I guess. I thinj it's cuz I'm scared of him being with another girl n I don't want that to happen cuz I love him. Like when we are out he doesn't really talk to me much or will kinda ignore me. His brother n dad can be jerks to their wives to so it kinda just runs in the family. I've told my bf whay I wanted him to change but he always says I need to change first as in growing up n trusting him. But he doesn't realize that he needs to change his ways first for me to do that. Whay should I do? I love him but yet I'm not happy right now. I've mentioned taking a break or moving out but he always says he doesn't want to do that. What can I do next? And should this be normal to happen in a relationship when dating ONE YEAR?


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  • He's used to you. So yes this is normal.


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