Is online dating a waste of time for minority men?

I was reading some statistics about men from minority backgrounds have it tough on online dating sites - women seldom respond to them, let alone initiate.
Any minority men have success online?


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  • It is waste of money for all, not just minority. It bored me out totally.

    • There are many free dating sites. Also, it may be different where you're at, but I should probably specify that this question refers to experiences in USA, Australia, UK, Canada..

    • Yes there are free ones. But it still bored me out.

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  • You may have better luck on a dating site that caters to your ethnicity.

  • Kangy is right. You only need to be on this site for a short while to hear of all race men being very unsuccessful on dating sites. I think hook up sites will have more luck though, but the quality is lower.
    The guys, including white guys, always always always say they barely get replies and stuff.

    • Bingo! She is very right.

    • "I think hook up sites will have more luck though"

      You think it's easier for a guy to get a hook up then a date online?

    • Seems like it for both genders. Like more people have way more luck on known hook up sites than well known dating sites.

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  • Online dating is somewhat of a waste of time for all men. Women get so much interest that you need to be quite exceptional, in several respects, for it to be worth using it - but if you're that fantastic you might as well just walk up to any girl you fancy.

    Men generally don't get messaged on online dating sites, the women are inundated with messages, so they're not going to send out more themselves.

  • Since most humans are attracted to either the Majority of an area or the most beautiful of an area. Odds are that's not "you" since interracial dating in even the most liberal countries with it isn't that high.

    • Interracial dating is pretty common between a white man and non-white woman.

    • It is more common but it is not very common statistically speaking.