My girlfriend was supposedly cornered by a guy, who pushed her against a fence and kissed her. Is she being honest in saying she didn't want it?

She has been hiding a lot from me and lying to me a lot. I treat her like a queen but she generally steps on my trust. I'm a very patient person with a long fuse, and I'm very quick to forgive. I can't stay mad long either. The other day, she was supposedly cornered by a male acquaintance of hers at school (we're both seniors in HS). She said he had pushed her against a fence, felt her up, and kissed her. She said she kicked him in the balls and walked away. The reason i don't believe that's entirely true is because when I Asked for his name, she refused to tell me. She also mentioned that he now makes it a point to squeeze the cuts on her legs every time he passes her (she cuts herself and that's an entirely different ordeal). That's another thing that's suspicious. Supposedly her best friend Lea and I are the only ones that know she even has cuts, let alone where they are. So how would he know that they're on her legs? She's lied to me and hid so many things that I have almost Zero trust for her. I just don't know how to handle the situation. What do I do?

And I've tried to believing her many times in the past and just had my trust betrayed again and again and again, so I don't know if she's telling the truth or not. I can't explain how complicated this relationship is, nor will wirds be able to describe how deeply I care for her and love her. All I want I do is help but how can I if she doesn't tell me these things? She's continuously makes false promises and lies to me, and I want nothing more to believe her, but it's happened so many times...
I found out after my own investigation that she was having an affair with this guy behind my back the whole time. she's been lying to me with a smile on her face the whole time. Goes to show why i shouldn't have gone against my beliefs and actually tried trusting someone. it just ended up like it did before. I doubt ill ever be able to have a normal relationship after getting betrayed and lied to in EVERY relationship i get into. they all tell me im too nice, or its them, etc. im done.


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  • Start with believing her.

    • apparently she was having an affair with im behind my back this entiure time, so believing clearly wouldn't have helped.

    • sorry for the bad grammar, my screen is particularly small and i dont have the best eyesight.

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  • mmm pushed against a fence lucky girl


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  • Don't blame the victim.

    • well in the end it was all a lie to begin with, so what should i do now? is it still not her fault?