When to have the exclusive talk?

I've been on a few dates with this girl over the last couple weeks and I'm really into her. It's hard to call it a "few dates" because dates to me last a couple hours. Every time I've seen here have been 6+ hours. Last time we spent the night together it didn't go past kissing as she said she wanted to wait. Also we've been talking all day everyday since about a week before meeting. I have planned a nice romantic dinner tonight which will be our fourth date and I've been thinking about bringing it up maybe taking our relationship to the next level. Is this too soon? Should I wait?


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  • You've got to respect her request to wait - pressuring her is not going to get you there. Have you removed any clothes together or was it just kissing? If you didn't remove clothing yet, I'd say you still got a bit more waiting to do. Enjoy all the other parts of her body as she allows you to.

    • Yeah... if you like her, why push it? @asker

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    • Thank you. We ending up having another great night, things went a little further, still short of sex. (which is fine) Brought up becoming exclusive at the end of the night ultimately said she wasn't ready. She's just got out of a relationship and has been in and out of relationships for a while now and wanted to avoid doing that again. I understand her perspective and she sees mine so the plan is to keep seeing other another. I was concerned it would spook her but she assures me it has not so we'll see.

    • Thanks for the update. I am glad you had a discussion and that it went well - although not exclusive you at least have more clarity and sounds like there is still a chance of more commitment in the future. Good luck!

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