If a Girl likes me but we're just friends is it still considered being in friend zone?

This girl and I both really like each other. She told me she had feelings more me and likes me WAY more than a friend, but she's not really ready for a boyfriend and wants to wait a while before we actually date.

Is this still considered being in the friend zone? I know we;re just friends but its not like she only thinks of me as one or anything like that, I need a Girls Opinion and Thanks (:

We also flirt with each other a lot everyday too


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  • Well I think that you are most definitely not still in the friend zone. You both obviously like each other. Maybe she's unsure of if the relationship will work out and if you guys will become awkward friends after a bad outcome. Just give her some time. But not too much. Obviously if she's taking too long to make up her mind she's wasting your time. Sorry if it's not good advice seeing as I'm only 17 and haven't been in a relationship. But this is my opinion of your situation.


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