I've given him my phone number online but he wants me to call him?

Taking to this guy on a dating website. We established that we want to meet for a date. I gave him my number to call and in response he says:

"my number is XXXXXXXX as well. A drink would be cool - being single means I have a bit of time on my hands, so I'm easy whenever you are available 😃"

wtf. I already gave him my number and he wants ME to call?

What's my next move guys? If any...

  • Text him to arrange first date
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  • Ignore him completely and wait for him to call
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  • Tell him: "I'll wait for your call/text" and wait.
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  • hahaa he might be nervous to make the first time. but just be like "hey just call me"

    • Thanks :) or maybe just ignore and wait? If he ain't man enough to take the initiative then forget it

    • yeah you could go that route too, if its definitely a quality you want in a guy then see if he will meet it.

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