Really confused after the first date with this girl?

So I went out with this beautiful amazing girl 2 nights ago and we had a great time. Constant conversation, I was making her laugh. she needed a calculator for her math class the next day and I told her she could have mine to borrow. So I took her to my house then back to hers and she gave me a tour and what not and we talked for another solid hour in her apartment. She tells me she had a great time and that we'll meet up again when I come to get my calculator. So we say our goodbyes and when she came in to hug me she had her head tilted to the inside so I tilted mine And we kissed. We Said a few more things then as I'm halfway out the door I lean in again and kiss her. Well after I get home I text her about a hour later saying if she wants to grab food and a movie after her classes tomorrow so I can get the calculator back that I'm open for it. She says she could probably do food but might have to skip on the movie because she had to be up really early for pledging. Well tomorrow went and gone and we never went out because her friend had been begging her to take yoga with her for awhile so she didn't get out of class til 8. I'm wondering whats going on in her mind because mine is a mess right now haha.


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  • Probably nothing is going on. Just relax and ask her out again another day.