My ex boyfriend is ignoring me after he said he doesn't want to be with anyone?

He said he missed me but doesn't want to be with anyone right now because he has his own personal issues. Is it possible that he is dating someone else?


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  • Obviously it's possible, like "anything" is possible anyway. He could be having sex with an horse atm.

    However if he says he has personal issues, it is likely to be the case... I already said something similar to a girl and I am not one to lie. I had huge problem with myself and needed time for myself. He might be in the same situation.

    In the end it's up to you to know if you want to wait for him or not. He misses you, which is true no matter what kind of hided intention he has, it's up to you to know if you want to keep your feelings for that person or not.

    I personally would advise to move on, you never know how long it will take and making your mind busy with that question won't do any good. Focus on what's important : "Yourself".


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  • It is possible!

    And unlikely.

    • Why'd you say that?

    • Because I am a vapid idiot. Let's leave it at that.

    • Wth dude

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  • So wait a minute…let me get this straight…HE DUMPED YOU yet is insisting that you don’t move on with your life for his sake?

    • He's giving me mixed signals. He misses me and doesn't want to be with me. He will occasionally respond to my messages. He doesn't understand how much this hurts

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    • Good for you girl! That is not an easy first step!! You should really be proud of yourself for having the courage and strength to actually step into this healing process. It’s hard to get close with someone then have to sever the attachment. Yet when people start taking away from your happiness in any shape, way, or form rather than adding onto it…they gotta go. You gotta get them off of your radar and keep them off. Think of it this way…happiness is like good, clean, pure air that you breath in but when ‘happiness smotherers’ come along, their presence pollutes that air, literately creeping up on you like smoke that cannot be contained once it’s began it’s move. You are not going to know happiness and peace with his confusing, contradicting, disappointing presence. So I am so proud of you for making that first move. : )

      Remember, it’s okay to cry and be sad, just don’t show it to him. The aches and stings will always come with a healing wound but over time, if you treat that wound right, they’ll go away. If you expose that wound to things that will hurt it, it will only prolong the process. You can do this! PM me if you need more encouragement or advice!

    • It's the only way to heal now.