I really don't know what to do with my crush. Help?

Okay, so this is really complicated.

There's this guy is in my class, and we've been friends since the beginning of the year. I slowly started to crush on him, but he has a girlfriend (who is the hottest girl on Earth.) so I just decided to move on.
But sometimes, I really think he likes me: for example, he's known to be this guy who hates everyone and insults everyone behind their backs, to me: he never did this to me. Worse, one day I said that he must say the meanest things about me when I'm not there and he said 'I would never.' He always waits for me after class so we can walk home together, he waited for me for almost an hour when I had a panic attack at school... Because of all that I thought he just wanted to be my friend, and I was completely fine with that.
But during the past few weeks I noticed some stuff: how he decided to take his lunch break with me and my friends instead of going home as he usually do, how he always looks at my phone, and who I'm texting, he asks me a lot about my life, and he compliments me a lot and he always stares at my lips and sometimes there are some "accidental touches".
I'm just so lost. Does he like me? What about his beautiful girlfriend?


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  • I honestly don't know. Most importantly, realize that he still has a girlfriend, so you shouldn't try anything. If he tries something with you while he has the girlfriend, you know (or at least should know) he is not dating material. If he breaks up with her then you have a shot.


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  • He likes you.. Stay away emotionally. until he is single. unless you just want to be a play toy. But if you want him to respect you. Don't get involved until he is single. He will deal with is current relationship. And look for one with you.

  • Damn he may just be looking for some action on the side. But tbh I'd just enjoy his company hs relationships r bullshit anyway.


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