How many guys/girls do you date at one time?

So you are not in a committed relationship.

How many guys/girls do you date at one time?

How many of them do you sleep with?

What do you decide if you will sleep with them?

Do you let the other people you are sleeping with know you are sleeping with multiple people?

Would you want them to tell you if they were sleeping with other people?

My definition of dating.

Dating for me would be when you do not want to be in a relationship and you are just looking to meet new people and get to know them. If you didn't date anyone else you would be in an exclusive relationship.
How do you meet people and compare them to find the right one for you? I don't understand why it is so difficult to understand dating. You ask a girl out to diner and talk. Then you go on another date with a different girl on a different day and talk.
Then maybe a week later you talk to one of the girls and she says hey want to come over and watch a movie. You say ok. You watch the movie make out and leave. Done. It was a good date.
Then two days later you call the other girl and say "hey did you want to go to a party? " she says "yes" So you guys go to the party. Everyone is having a good time. You both drink a little and hook up. Hey that was a good date.
You see only dating. No one is committed. Any of these girls could be doing the same thing. They know you are only dating. Am I the only person who defines dating this way?


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  • This is officially the first question that has ever stumped me for a while. I read it yesterday and couldn't think of a way to answer it. And today I'm sitting here pondering what I would do. Trying to picture myself in that situation. Doing that has helped me a little bit in coming up with an answer.

    So here it goes, lol. If I was dating and wanted to just meet people and not be serious with anyone, I wouldn't sleep with anyone. For me, that is a special thing that I can only share with someone I feel strongly for. I would make it clear to people I went on dates with that I am not exclusive with anyone and am not planning to be for a while. I'd be open and honest with them and if they're cool with it that's great, if not, oh well. And I wouldn't be against them dating other girls if I'm dating other guys and nothing is serious.

    This is just what I would do. I've never actually done it, but wouldn't be against it. I've always jumped from one serious relationship to the next and maybe the dating thing is a healthier way to go about it because you have time for yourself and you don't have one person taking up all of your time.

    • Yes! I need to find a girl like you. lol. but not yet cause I'm only dating. :)

    • :-P You will when you're ready just have fun!

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  • Wow! I know this is an old post, but I have to make a few comments... When you're dating who says you can only date one at a time? You're not boyfriend - girlfriend yet. To expect anything other than an oppurtunity to spend time getting to know each other is ridiculus. Your dating definition is exactly how I view dating... And yes equal paying for dates is fair too (though it is nice when the guy pays the first time).

    I don't believe any explainations are needed either. How inappropriate to speak of other dates to a date you're on. Yes, if you want progression with one you'll start filtering other candidates. But, WTF, everyone should feel like a prize to be won by the best.

    As far as sex while only dating, that is completely personal. Everyone knows to be safe, but I think if you make the choice to... You should be ready for questions and honesty is always best, but I some questions are better left unsaid- like how many. The important part is your safe in that situation.

    Hope I'm not the only one who thinks this...

  • I would definitely only stay with one person at a time. This lets them know that you are willing to take the time out for them and only them, and you are not just using them. I would sleep with one at a time, and I only would do that if it has been a long term relationship though. It is a sign of being dedicated and true to that one person. Hope this helps!

  • Woah. Yeah well I'm a girl and I wouldn't want you to be dating other girls even if your not committed in a relationship. Its not right. Obviously if your dating more that one girl you don't like them. So yeah and if you choose to sleep with them when you aren't committed and your still sleeping with other girls I would tell them. I would so I know if you were a player. Soo yeah watch what you do.

    • How do you expect to meet and get to know different people if you only date one person?

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  • The only way you should date more than one person at a time is to tell them all about each other. They deserve that consideration. Otherwise, if you leave any of them with the impression they are exclusive to you, and they're not, you're a player then! Also, I wouldn't recommend sleeping with more than one at a time, either! It gets real complicated physically and mentally, then!

    • Yeah but if you say to a girl "I'm not looking for a committed relationship. I am just dating at the moment" I would never let someone think they were in an exclusive relationship with me while I saw other people.

    • Yeah, I guess you're right; its being honest with the girl. Some girls would appreciate you being that way! However, it still strikes me as making things extra complicated when you date more than one girl at at time. Not to mention the money you must spend! (LOL)

    • Well that's the thing, you are dating so you can go dutch.

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