Crummy dating advice? coincidence?

Two separate girls/two separate scenarios,same result. Coincidence? If not where did they get this trendy crappy advice-they missed out.

1. 2007-Girl I hooked up with year before who pursued me. 6m later ,I call to catch up ,we made casual plans to get drink that WED, I text on WED to see what's she's up to,she responds-

Having drink with a friend. Hour or so later she texts and asks if she can get a 'Raincheck'

2.2009-Girl I met through friend but she lives LD so didn't get to know very well but there was mutual attraction. She came on strong over phone,but backed off when I didn't do same(didn't know her well) We made plans to get drink that SUN, That day-I call -get VM. Text later on to see if we were still on,

she responds-

Having drink with a friend. Hour or so later she texts and asks if she can get a 'Rain check'


Months back online remember reading a column telling girls to keep guy on toes,mention a 'friend' who doesn't exist...This angry spinsters who give this advice should be hung-they are ruining basic courtship. Any man with self respect (me)doesn't/shouldn't pursue after these stupid games. Since the women are now instructed to not pursue=no one gets ANY!

If a wimpy douche continues to pursue after this crap,the gal will see desperation and==no one gets ANY!


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  • Well.. if a girl is that easily influenced and can't decipher what's good advice vs bad advice... maybe it's best to have never been involved with those type of women.

    but people are flakes anyways, if someone is really into you.. they will make it pretty clear that they want to meet you.

    Any advice that tells you to lie and make up bullsh1t to make up for one's lack of personality is silly.

  • I think there is a reason why all of the so called 'dating gurus' come across as deuchebags, to me at least. I think, that's because there are infinite number of dating scenarios that it is impossible for anyone to know everything there is to know about the subject. In other words, these 'experts' are anything but. I won't be surprised if there are countless relationships were ruined due to bad advises. That's the reason why I go to this site to begin with because here, I can hear regular people's opinions (not self proclaimed experts') and make my own conclusions. Sure there are the occasional videos from some people who think they are experts but I never pay them any mind.