What are you getting/doing for your boyfriend for vday?

What have you done in the past? I need help with what I'm meant to do.


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  • Give him something that's reminding him of something you did together :)


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  • I haven't been able to spend a Valentine's day with a gf yet there was always something that made it impossible.
    SO what i did for my ex was the following. I went to her house and asked her mom if i could decorate her room with balloons, flowers, candy, little notes with nice mesages etc. She was so happy when she came home.

    What you are supposed to do is easy, just something nice. Personally i dislike the external presure to put a price on your love with expensive restaurants, gifts etc. So as a guy i would be happy if i could just spend time with her maybe dinner and a movie at home in private. A small personal gift would be welcome too. Since this year it will fall on a Saturday you have some more options.
    Just make time for eachother thats all you are 'meant' to do.


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  • If i had one i would get him a new chain and some blue 11

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