Girls what are appropriate compliments to give you?

what are some compliments you wanna hear from a guy. and what are some insults you would like to hear as well


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  • Compliments:
    ~ Hair - It seems like a somewhat unique thing to be complimented on. It might show that you're paying closer attention to her (or at least not staring at her breasts ALL the time).
    ~ Sense of Humor - Personally, I love it when I can make someone laugh or even be at least somewhat amusing. If she makes a joke and you like it, don't hesitate on laughter. Just let her know that her attempts at humor are appreciated.
    ~ Smile at her and look her in the eyes - Some girls don't like this, others do. Personally, I find that you seem engaged in what I have to say when you look at me as I speak. While this isn't necessarily a verbal compliment, this is a way to show her that you find her interesting and value what she has to say.

    Maybe this is just me personally, but compliments aren't just your cliché, "You look pretty today," thing, but they can be expressed in your very mannerisms. There's more to confidence than just having a cute dress, yet that seems to be what society fixates on. When you give women something more than looks to strive for, it comes out better for both ends; she can be confident about other major things about her and her partner gets more than just a pretty face. (It's horrible to be "just a pretty face." Mostly everyone wants their thoughts, opinions, and mannerisms to be valued. If you've ever been in a situation where you're embarrassed to talk about your passion or sound too intelligent, then you likely know exactly what I mean.)

    Anyway, best of luck with your lady friends! Hope I could be of help!

  • Something original. My ex boyfriend said I was 'nails'
    I liked that :-)


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  • "You are a meanie."

    "You are a cutie."