I called him a dick but I don't feel better? What do I do? I've tried to 'forget' about it but I can't! Does he care?

So I've been seeing this guy for around 2 months before I 'ended it'. Have the world in common, everything was great until the 2nd month began; Suddenly he was pulling away, seeing me less, trying to 'slot me in';although he has 3 jobs I felt like shit, and I asked about it because I needed clarification although I hate confrontation.. he apologise profusely said he was busy etc and just wanted to see how things would go etc, then i didn't see him for 2 weeks becos he went to his hometown for Christmas, came back to london a day before nye- didn't ask me out or anything... didn't contact me from boxing day until nye at night wishing me a happy new year etc , at which point i was passive and new year's day he wrote a paragraph about how he hasn't given me the attention i deserve in the past few weeks, now isn't the right time for him whereas it may be for me and how he was sorry if i was pissed at him and that this doesn't mean we couldnt 'continue as we were, but only if that feeling is mutual' which is basically in my opinion a friends with benefits situation, as judging from the lack of contact and attention he was giving me seems to be the case, and I told him this and he disagreed and just said he enjoyed every minute of my company and didn't want to everything off just because the time isn't right.. I refused to listen to any of it, was angry that he wrote this all on Facebook as opposed to actually calling me and he did apologise but I felt like it wasn't enough because I felt like a hindrance and like the least of his priorities, when at the beginning he was always asking when i could meet him etc for another date etc.. I haven't slept with him or anything, been round to his place a few times but he respected my decision to not want to do it and the last thing in our Facebook argument was me verbally venting out my anger at him and him asking if we could meet.. it ended with me calling him a dickhead and removing him.. but I don't know if I let my anger get the better of me.

  • message him and ask to meet up because I need some sort of clarification and closure?
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  • Forget he ever existed and remind myself that he was the one who put less effort?
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  • You can't win. You smell good.

    • Made me chuckle but not very helpful haha

    • You got your closure though, you called him a dickhead, and did away with him. It's done. You also have forgotten he existed instead replacing him with memories of loneliness and embitterment. What more do you want? Other than to smell good.

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