Is there any way of coming back from being too clingy?

I'm normally pretty self reliant, but in a moment of weakness and self doubt I went on a "girly" streak.
It was stupid and I probably lost a great guy.
I was wondering if there was anyway that this could blow over or did I loose him.

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  • I always have girly streaks:) but be more specific-what happened?

    • I pushed him too hard and he hasn't spoken to me in 2 weeks.
      It's sad because we had a blast together.
      (See above "LambertiFamily" for more details.)

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    • Thank you.
      He is a good man when he's not in turtle mode. LOL
      It's hard to find somone that it easy to be yourself with.
      I hope he comes around.

    • He might indeed come around. Wish you all the best whatever happens.

  • May we ask what you did that you feel as if you've lost him?

    • I wanted more commitment than he was ready to give and he hates it when I try to push him to feel emotions.
      Other than that... we got along really well... a lot in common.

    • You know that's a no-no, young lady! No guy OR girl likes to be pushed in a corner regarding taking things to the next level. Give him space, time to think... allow him to rest and re-group.

      While you'll probably be losing your mind wondering when or if he will contact you again, do comminicate to him via text apologizing for the pressure, and reiterate that things have been so amazing that you let your emotions get the best of you. Leave an open invitation to text if he feels like it.

      Then... wait.

      He WILL call for another date :)

    • Thank you for the positive thinking.
      I hope you're right!