Slept w my "ex"... 2wice?

So I dated this guy for 5 months who is 34 and I'm 13 years younger. We had a lot of fun but he ended things bc he said we were at diff points in our life (which is true ) . I asked to stay friends but he said he couldn't do that. He always seemed to me to be "broken" he even said himself he has "problems" anwyay this was 4 months ago. But I saw him out last weekend and ended up going home w him and after he said it was fun but it was a one time thing. I ran I to him again this weekend and he asked me to go back to his place. We didn't have sex bc I was on my period but we did some other stuff and cuddled a lot. In the morning he asked if I wanted to go to breakfast w him for old times sake. We actually talked a lot and had fun and when he was driving me home we were singing in the car and he looked over and was like I guess we can be friends and smiled.

I have feelings for him again and I can't tell if maybe he'd give it another chance. I thought the day went better than any other dates we ever had and I rlly enjoyed his company..

U think there's a chance we could get back together? I was so nervous while dating him that I wasn't 100% myself but this weekend was different..


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  • There's always a chance but has the initial reason for the separation changed?


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