How to recover from a bad first date?

I met a girl online about three weeks ago. We took an immediate like to each other and we flirted pretty heavily with each other. We're both kind of awkward people and more homebodies than the kind to go out and about. Because of her job it took us a few weeks to finally get together. When we did I sort of nervously tried to kiss her in the middle of the date and she gave me the cheek. After that we awkwardly walked around the shops we both wanted to visit and it was sort of okay but not great. Then we sat down for coffee and while we weren't laughing hysterically we were laughing and having a good time. She drove me back to my car and after having gotten the cheek earlier I was terribly nervous to kiss her again. I tried and she closed her eyes and went in for it as well but being so nervous after before I gave her only a short peck and then got out of the car without saying anything. I texted her later and I explained how nervous I was and she said she wasn't expecting the earlier kiss. She said she'd like to see me again but that we should try going slower and not putting a lot of romantic pressure on each other. Over the last week she's been so distant. She takes hours to respond to texts (and I know she's not too busy to be on Facebook mobile because she added me) and doesn't really engage in conversation anymore. Should I give up on her or wait for her to come around? Would she have gone in for the kiss and offered the second date if she wasn't sincere?

I've been giving her space in 1-2 day clumps since the date.


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  • If she said she wanta to see you again then Give it another shot. I can see if she was surprised by the first kiss If it was unexpected. Put aside what went down the first date, and go on another first date, like she said though go slow with no romantic pressure.


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  • Take it easy and don't talk to her that often. Just play cool but still try not to be so cold. If you do go on a date be more flirty and if there's a chance she's going in for a kiss be very passionate and sexual in a way. But if it doesn't work you should just probably give up on her and date someone else since you now learnt what to not do from that date.


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  • Just try asking for a second date. If she blows you off on that more than once, then sorry man...

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